A Cycle Of Positivity

The Creation Cycle is the specific order in which the Creative Relationship connects and influences each of the Five Martial Elements.

The Creation Cycle of the Federation Wing Tsun System looks like this:

  • Strategy creates Theory
  • Theory creates Technical
  • Technical creates Practical
  • Practical creates Physical
  • Physical creates Strategy

To understand how this cycle came about, I need to explain a bit about Wu-Xing and how the old classical elements correspond to the new martial elements. Read on…

From Classical To Modern

Wu-Xing is the classical Chinese version of Five-Element Theory. It uses the relationships between matter and energy as an analogy to explain how different parts of a system can connect and influence each other. The traditional reasoning is as follows:

  • Metal is refined from Earth – therefore – Earth creates Metal
  • Water condenses upon Metal – therefore – Metal creates Water
  • Wood is nourished by Water – therefore – Water creates Wood
  • Fire is fuelled by Wood – therefore – Wood creates Fire
  • Earth is fertilised by the ashes of Fire – therefore – Fire creates Earth

In the Federation Wing Tsun System, the five martial elements correspond to the classical Wu-Xing elements like this:

  • Earth = Strategic
  • Metal = Theoretical
  • Water = Technical
  • Wood = Practical
  • Fire = Physical

Please understand that this wasn’t just an arbitrary choice – I created and named the five martial elements after years of observation, precisely because they preserve the validity of the creative relationship, and closely follow the effects of the traditional Wu-Xing Creation Cycle.

Wu-Xing > Martial

Mapping the old Wu-Xing pairings onto the new Martial Element pairings is then done like this:

Wu-Xing Element Pairing Classical Reasoning Wu-Xing = Martial Martial Element Pairing
Earth creates Metal Metal is refined from Earth Earth = Strategy
Metal = Theory
Strategy creates Theory
Metal creates Water Water condenses upon Metal Metal = Theory
Water = Technical
Theory creates Technical
Water creates Wood Wood is nourished by Water Water = Technical
Wood = Practical
Technical creates Practical
Wood creates Fire Fire is fuelled by Wood Wood = Practical
Fire = Physical
Practical creates Physical
Fire creates Earth Earth regenerated by Fire Fire = Physical
Earth = Strategy
Physical creates Strategy

To understand how the Creation Cycle helps you learn and develop your Wing Chun, make sure you know what’s inside each of the Five Martial Elements. Then you’ll see how practicing your Forms can improve your practical fighting ability, how learning your Theory can improve your punches, and how improving your Conditioning can open up more combat strategies for you to use.

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