How Much Does Kung-Fu Cost?

Not as much as you probably think. I don’t use contracts or billing companies, and I firmly believe in keeping prices affordable for the average martial arts student. To use a real-world comparison; if you can afford to buy one cup of coffee per-day, you can absolutely afford to study Kung-Fu with me.

This page lists fees for the different training & tuition options I offer:

Taster Class / £10

A no-obligation, two-hour class.
Includes insurance.

If you want to get a feel for the training, my teaching, and the great group working with me, simply book a taster class and come train with us one evening. Spaces are limited, so please don’t turn up without booking. Get in touch and we’ll find an evening that works for you.

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Taster Private Lesson / £20

A no-obligation, one-hour private lesson.
Includes insurance.

If you’d prefer a one-on-one session, or can’t make evening classes, simply book a taster private lesson instead. I can answer any questions you may have, in as much detail as you wish, and the session can be booked at a day/time to suit your needs.

How Book A Taster Private Lesson

Pay As-You-Go Classes / £10pcm + £10 per-class

Includes membership & insurance.
No minimum contract – cancel anytime.

Some students really want to learn, but often miss evening classes due to work/life/family commitments. For them, PAYG is a popular option. A monthly payment of £10 covers the upkeep of my facilities, your membership, and your insurance. Then simply pay £10 (cash) per-class whenever you can get along.

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Pay Monthly Classes / £45pcm

Includes unlimited group classes, membership & insurance.
No minimum contract – cancel anytime.

A single monthly payment is the simplest, most popular, and most cost-effective way to pay for your training. This access fee lets you attend ALL my classes each week, includes membership, and comprehensive martial arts insurance too, and covers the costs I incur in running classes.

A full term (twelve weeks, or three months) of tuition costs £135, but it gets complicated allowing for holiday periods and five-week months. So I much prefer to make it simple for students by requiring one fixed fee every month.

Should you prefer to pay monthly via Standing Order, please set up an instruction using the following details:

  • Bank: HSBC UK
  • Account Holder: Mr Lee Paul Heron
  • Account Type: Business
  • Sort Code: 40-34-24
  • Account Number: 4139 6676
  • Amount: £45
  • Frequency: 1st of every month until further notice.

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Private Tuition / £30 per-hour

Includes membership & insurance.
No minimum contract – cancel anytime.

I’ve been studying martial arts since 1989, teaching professionally since 1999, and am instructor-ranked (and above) in multiple arts. So if you want to improve, i’m pretty certain I can be of service. I offer one-on-one, two-on-one, or small-group private lessons, and I teach from my own studio containing everything you’ll need. If you do shift-work, unsocial hours, or have a constantly changing schedule, then private tuition sometimes works out best.

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Assessments / £10-25 per-grade

Master your current programme, take the assessment, move on up.

Each grade within my training programme ends with a practical assessment. This test can be taken whenever you’re ready, either in class, at any of my scheduled gradings, or during a private session. Payment is on a per-test basis, and includes official certification of your achievement.

  • Foundation Stage (1-3SG) = £10 per-grade
  • Basic Stage (4-6SG) = £15 per-grade
  • Intermediate Stage (7-9SG) = £20 per-grade
  • Advanced Stage (10-12SG) = £25 per-grade
  • Journeyman Level (1-4TG) = £0 per-grade
  • Master Level (5-11MG) = £0 per-grade

I make no charge for TG/MG grades. These are awarded to students on merit, at the appropriate time.

Special Events / £10-40 per-event

I also run workshops, seminars, tutorials, and extra training sessions each year too.

Payment for these is per-event, with prices varying depending on the venue, travel and accommodation requirements, and the purpose of the event. I also run annual summer camps and sometimes residential training courses. Subscribe to the FWTS mailing list (below) to be kept informed.

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