Get The Right Answers

The Knowledge Base is a completely free, ever-growing reference library designed to support all my students in their learning of the system, and all the instructors i’ve taught in their teaching & sharing of the system with others.

It’s not yet complete – but i’m working on it daily. If you can’t find what you need, please feel free to contact me – it’s very likely I have what you need, but i’ve not yet managed to format it nicely for public consumption.

All information in this resource is definitive: It represents the best of my current knowledge, and it can be relied upon. It should be the first place to visit if you require information about the martial art of Federation Wing Tsun Kung-Fu, or the specially-developed training programme that accompanies it, or any people connected to the system wherever they are in the world now.

Although the Internet provides unprecedented levels of access to information, it also inevitably supplies just as much uninformed opinion and misinformation. My aim is to rectify this problem with regard to my system only – so if you have a question about another way of Wing Chun, you should ask the relevant people, not me! 🙂

Finding Your Way Around

All the information in the Knowledge Base is arranged hierarchically, from the big picture working down to the smallest detail. Links on each page let you zoom in (go down the levels) to get more detail, or zoom out (come back up the levels) to see the bigger picture. In the world of information visualisation the topmost level – level 1 – is an overview of the entire system, and it looks like this:

FWTS | Overview
Diagram showing an overview of the complete Federation Wing Tsun System.

Where Next?

At the foot of each page in the Knowledge Base you will see a map in table form, like the one below. This shows your current level and position within the Knowledge Base, plus the two surrounding levels (above & below) and their contents too. I hope this will help you find your way easily through all the information, and also let you see that every part of my system is connected – it’s not just thrown together in a arbitrary manner.

Level Contents
1 Overview (you are here)
2 The Martial Art System The Training Programme The People
3 Five Martial Elements
Creative Relationship
Control Relationship
Apprentice Level
Journeyman Level
Master Level
Apprentices & Journeymen