The Journeyman Years

The Journeyman Level is the second of three levels which together make up the complete Training Programme of the Federation Wing Tsun System.

The purpose of the journeyman level is to help each student develop their individuality. Although identical skill-sets and information are available to everyone, the exact route through the information will be slightly different for each person. The personal focus and depth of each body of knowledge, and sometimes even the delivery method is always completely tailored to the individual by their mentor.

We don’t want clones or robots – no matter how hard you study you will never be identical to your teacher, because you are not the same person. However you will in time come to understand the knowledge and master the skills in your own way. This journey begins by choosing your own path through the material available to you.

FWTS | The Journeyman Level
The Journeyman Level of the Federation Wing Tsun System, comprising four Stages.

Journeyman Stages

The material within the journeyman level is grouped into four Stages as shown by the different quarters of the diagram above.

Stage grouping is now done according to the difficulty and complexity of the situations to be explored, which require training partners of equal or greater skill. It would be impossible to explore Constant Attack, for example, with a partner who is unable to defend your attacks. The four stages are as follows:

  1. Water Stage – develops Constant Fluidity.
  2. Earth Stage – develops Constant Attack.
  3. Wood Stage – explores Mutual Attack.
  4. Metal Stage – explores Control vs. All Strategies.

Journeyman Grades

Because each student chooses their own path through the information, there are no hard & fast grade subdivisions within the journeyman stages.

However there are certainly different bodies of knowledge to be mastered within each stage, which when complete, leads to one overall grade being awarded. These are called Technician Grades to differentiate them from the Student Grades.

Water Stage Technician Grade 1
Awarded upon completion of stage
Earth Stage Technician Grade 2
Awarded upon completion of stage
Wood Stage Technician Grade 3
Awarded upon completion of stage
Metal Stage Technician Grade 4
Awarded upon completion of stage

How Long Will It Take?

Unlike the apprentice level, there is no average duration or usual time-limit for the completion of the journeyman level. Each individual works through the material at their own pace, progressing as their personal abilities mature, and their personal understanding expands.

The only thing that all journeymen-level students have in common is their consistent practice. They have all made their study of Kung-Fu part of their everyday lives, and consider it part of their normal routine to attend training sessions and lessons. There is no rush, no desire to do things quickly. They understand that continuous effort on a regular basis is what will pay dividends.

Where Next?

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