Now Do It Hard & Fast

The Advanced Stage is the last of the four stages which together make up the Apprentice Level of the FWTS Training Programme.

The purpose of the Advanced Stage is to add greater speed, power, and intention to everything you’ve previously learned. You already understand how to defend yourself, can move precisely, hit with control, and choose wisely from a variety of combat options. Now we can safely increase the speed, add more power, add more freedom, and put some real intention into all attacks & defences.

Increasing the speed & power too early is usually counter-productive, but doing it now is essential. This really helps you to see the wisdom behind the previous stages of training. You’ll start to understand why it’s important to move with an objective in mind, to have a range of options, and to be precise in your actions. Now instead of hindering or intimidating you, the greater speed & power of the Advanced Stage will sharpen and focus everything you are.

FWTS | The Advanced Stage
Advanced Stage of the FWTS Training Programme, comprising Student Grades 10-12.

You will also start to appreciate that in some situations, attacking can be the absolutely the best strategy – and thanks to your previous training, you’ll be able to do so with control. This means that both you and your training partner are able to practice with great speed & power, but are still able to make mistakes without visiting the emergency room each time. 🙂

In addition, this process will open the door to a whole range of new tactical options, which only become viable when the speed & power is increased. Like drifting a car, the techniques required only become available, or necessary, above a certain level of input energy.

Work Through Grades 10-12

The material within the Advanced Stage is delivered across the tenth, eleventh and twelfth Student Grades, which provide the short-term goals to be achieved. New material is introduced in the tenth grade, expanded and developed in the eleventh, then varied and consolidated in the twelfth. This connects with all previous material to provide a stand-alone set of skills and knowledge.

Student Grade 10 10SG Syllabus
10SG Training Programme
10SG Assessment
10SG introduces the Tertiary Strategies, explores new tactical options for Counter-Attack, and develops recovery from failed attacks & counters.
Student Grade 11 11SG Syllabus
11SG Training Programme
11SG Assessment
11SG develops the strategy of Attack across the whole body, explores feints & hidden intentions, and develops constant movement at close-range.
Student Grade 12 12SG Syllabus
12SG Training Programme
12SG Assessment
12SG explores Forced Attack, tactics for control & prevention, develops freedom from all sequences, and expects the full range of options to be applied and understood.

Focus On The Details

The focus of the entire Advanced Stage is to raise awareness of the Physical Element of the martial art system.

Although aspects of all the Five Martial Elements are included, students within the Advanced Stage should concentrate on being as strong, fast & powerful as their own body allows – and feel free to improve these attributes too.

Because your training partners are also doing this, you’ll start to discover that all people are different in combat. Some are quick, some are strong, some are powerful. The strategies and tactics that prevail against one may utterly fail against another. This is why it is essential to begin this training stage with a wide range of options available, and an arsenal of tools that you are skilled in the use of.

As you’re probably aware, Physical within the martial elements corresponds to Fire within the classical elements. Hence why the Advanced Stage is sometimes spoken of as being the Fire Stage.

Effectively, the entire Apprentice Level can be thought of as building the Fire Element; collecting fuel, assembling it, and preparing the fire to be lit. The spark that ignites the kindling and then fans the flames ever-higher is delivered right here, within these three grades.

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