Thank you very much for all the lessons, we really enjoyed a look at something so different to what we’ve done before and it’s been a pleasure to meet an instructor with so much knowledge and enthusiasm.

Atlanta W.

Your knowledge and understanding of the style is both astounding and encouraging…we wish you and everyone there the very best, and hope that training continues to go well.

Max N.

I must say though, I have really enjoyed classes and lessons over the past four years; your method of teaching is excellent, your program is second to none, and I am grateful for the help and advice you have given…thanks for all your help Lee.

Peter F.

Training with yourself and the rest of the guys has been amazing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time.

Aziz H.

I would say a big thank you for your time…I really enjoyed your classes and it was always well, in details, explained.

P. Van Onselen

I had an excellent time…I must say that you have a lovely friendly bunch of students in your class. Looking forward to next week!

Amber H.

Top guy! 🙂 10/10

Edward. A

You are a fantastic teacher. I will be sure to recommend you for Wing Chun classes!

L. Das

I have been training with Sifu Lee for over four years now and have reached Grade 11 of the Apprentice Level. I could not recommend him highly enough. His patience and understanding with a pupil is like no other. He has endless amounts of time for people willing to learn and no question is too small. His programme gives you a clear path of what you will be achieving, and gives you a complex breakdown of every step, really helping you get involved in your own progress. Not only does he teach the martial art well, he also has complete appreciation for day-to-day life not always being the same, and understands that some days you just aren’t going to be on your game. With what I was training towards – which was to get onto the UK Stunt Register – this helped me no end. He encouraged me through my training and helped keep the motivation to achieve the end goal, even if some days it was to just get out of bed to get to my Kung-Fu lesson. Thanks for your never-ending patience Lee!

Olivia S.

I just wanted to thank you for all that you taught me, both as a martial artist, and on a more personal level too.

Enrico A.