The Art Of Federation Wing Tsun Kung-Fu

The martial art system makes up one part of the complete Federation Wing Tsun System.

It is known as Federation Wing Tsun Kung-Fu – an unarmed martial art system developed by applying the mechanics of weapons to the abilities of the human body.

I named the system Federation Wing Tsun Kung-Fu to distinguish it from the many other ways of Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, or Ving Chun around today. Just like motor vehicles, a great many varieties of Wing Chun exist – and just like motor vehicles, some are well designed, some rather less so. We all have to find one which suits our needs.

Federation Wing Tsun Kung-Fu is first and foremost an unarmed martial art system. Although specifically designed to cope with the unarmed vs. unarmed scenario, it connects perfectly with any discipline which employs hand weapons correctly, such as Escrima, Kali or Arnis.

Training with weapons can take place alongside your unarmed training right from the start – or at any point in the future – with absolutely no problems. There are no clashes between armed and unarmed principles. If you are already skilled with weapons, there will be no need to change anything that you’ve already learnt.

This is because I developed Federation Wing Tsun Kung-Fu with constant reference to correct body mechanics and proper weapons concepts as the baseline standards. I train & teach the use of weapons on a daily basis via Escrima, which is my other main martial interest and history shows that this is exactly how Wing Chun was originally developed. In creating this system, I believe that I have done no more than return my beloved Wing Chun to the principles upon which it was originally founded.

FWTS | The Martial Art System

A System Of Martial Art

Federation Wing Tsun Kung-Fu is a martial art system. This means that the function of the system is to empower you – the user – with an ability to understand, rapidly analyse, and freely converse in the physical language that is unarmed combat.

System [sys-tuh m] – noun – Related elements with a common function

The martial art is itself made up of three parts, connected as in the diagram above. The parts are:

This will not make sense at first glance. Most people coming to martial arts websites expect to see lots of kicks, punches and cool techniques, not diagrams of connected lines and circles. However kicks & punches are like nuts & bolts – tiny parts of a bigger picture. If you hope to ever understand martial arts, you’ll need to appreciate the big picture, the finished product, and where those nuts & bolts should fit.

A detailed diagram of a car is NOT a car, but it’s useful if you’re trying to fix one, or understand how one works. It’s the same for Kung-Fu. Once you start seeing how the parts fit, I promise you’ll be returning again and again to this diagram, and marvelling at just how accurate it is.

The following pages will take you deeper into the five martial elements, and explain how the twin relationships connect and constantly influence them all.

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