Masters make up the second and smallest group of all the People.

I use the term master to describe a student who has completed both the Apprentice Level and the Journeyman Level of my training programme. Their continuing progress and ever-growing experience within the martial arts in general, and the Federation Wing Tsun System in particular is now marked by the slowly-passing stages within the Master-Level of the system.

FWTS | Master-Level Students

Please understand that learning never ends, and is never limited to one thing. Gaining mastership in Kung-Fu doesn’t make you an expert in any other discipline, including other martial arts – it is entirely possible to be a complete novice in lots of other things whilst still holding a master grade in this system, although your knowledge of body mechanics may indeed be super-useful when learning any other physical activity.

I would guess that gaining mastership may be comparable to gaining a Doctorate (the PhD qualification) in the academic world, or gaining Master Craftsman status from a Trade Guild. Certainly the time involved is similar, as is the depth of research, development, and personal scrutiny needed. I say this because I am married to someone who has achieved her PhD, and have seen first-hand exactly what’s required.

Master level students have a responsibility to question and develop the art, not just preserve it. If possible we should improve and shape it for future generations, and ensure it stays relevant to the needs of todays ever-changing society. If we can ensure that our accumulated knowledge is passed on effectively and completely as possible, we will help many others to discover the beauty of the art, and experience the wonderful martial journey for themselves.

Although it is not a prerequisite of mastership to teach the art, in practice one only truly learns about anything when teaching skills to others. The act of teaching and sharing opens many internal doors, which often releases many personal demons which must be faced. It is very necessary to open and walk through these doors before one can really call oneself a master.

Active Masters

The following people are still actively training within the Master Level of the Federation Wing Tsun System:

Name Current Grade Taught By
Sifu Lee Paul Heron
(1996 – Current)
Master Grade 5
+ Head Instructor
The following great teachers have all played their part in shaping my skill, knowledge and understanding of Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Unreserved thanks and respect to each & every one of you! 🙂

Martin Workman
Andrew Cameron
Mik Lane
Paul Hawkes
Keith R. Kernspecht
Leung Ting
Jurgen Kestner
Hans-Peter Edel
Christof Hampel
Steve Tappin
Allan Jensen
Bennosuke Westra
Morten Ibsen
Paolo Bonucci
Marco Mattioni
My daughter, Kizi-May
My wife, Camille
My students – every one of you!

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