How To Learn Kung-Fu

Like all martial arts, Kung-Fu is simply a set of skills. These skills can be taught, and the vast majority of people are fully capable of learning them to some degree. Start training, and you will improve. There are no secrets, just study, practice and gradual improvement.

Just like learning any other skill (i.e. Music, mathematics, computer coding, skateboarding, archery, chess, or climbing), you only need:

  1. The desire to learn.
  2. Access to correct information.
  3. Access to an experienced, proven teacher or coach.
  4. Access to an environment in which to study.
  5. Sufficient time in which to practice.

If you bring 1 and 5, then I will provide 2, 3, and 4. 🙂

Entry Requirements

Every teacher has their own set of entry requirements – mine are very simple:

  • Do you want to learn Wing Chun Kung-Fu?
  • Are you at least 16 years of age?
  • Are you able to walk up a flight of regular stairs?
  • Are you in a position to attend training for the next six months?
  • Are you willing to try, and to keep on trying?

If you can say YES to everything on the above list, you meet the basic requirements to start training Kung-Fu with me.

Request A Taster Session

If you meet the entry requirements above, the next step is to try a Taster Session to see how you get on.

Just as the name implies, taster sessions allow you to try a group session or private tuition session with no obligations. You can get a taste for what’s involved in Kung-Fu training, ask whatever questions you wish, then decide afterwards if you want to take things further.

All taster sessions are offered at a one-off reduced rate, and are dependent upon availability.

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