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The 4th Student Grade (abbreviated to 4SG) is the first of three grades which together make up the Basic Stage of the FWTS Training Programme.

The purpose of the 4SG programme is to introduce the second layer of skills & knowledge. You can already deliver and defend against all the basic attacks, you have a good grasp of the primary strategies, and you’ve built your primary toolkit. Now let’s move a bit closer into the next range of combat and start exploring the possibilities there.

Moving closer means changing your strategy. At 4SG you’ll start learning how to engage incoming attacks (instead of evading them), and also how to cover distance safely to initiate attacks of your own. It also means learning to work with pressure, as you’ll both be in range to strike each other. Whoever controls the space will have the advantage here, and movement is the key, as in all things.

This closer contact marks the start of Chi-Sao training, first using the simple tools from the Siu-Nim-Tao form. You’ll also start combining these tools to begin building your secondary toolkit – the Chum-Kiu form – which you’ll be using at the Intermediate Stage of your development. It’s a lot of fun – shall we get started? 🙂

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4SG Syllabus

The syllabus is a summary of all topics which you’ll cover during the 4th Student Grade training programme.

Download “4SG Syllabus”

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4SG Training Programme

The training programme expands upon each topic of the syllabus, adds detail, and provides a personal lesson plan. Your instructor will introduce and explain each part, and help you work through all the drills & exercises contained within.

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4SG Assessment

The assessment asks you to demonstrate your practical ability with the material listed in the syllabus.

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