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The Physical Element is one of the Five Martial Elements.

The function of the Physical Element is to develop the capabilities of your own body.

A strong, well-developed Physical Element will ensure that your body is physically able to do what your brain and nervous system requests of it, within the combat environment. Effectively, it shows who is using the martial art system – and never forget that a good system in a weak, feeble, incapable body is not going to be particularly effective, just like an awful driver in control of an excellent car.

Inside The Physical Element

Just like the other martial elements, the Physical Element is made up of four components, which are as follows:

  1. Striking Drills
  2. Co-ordination Drills
  3. Reaction Drills
  4. Conditioning

Together, these four components provide drills and exercises to develop ones personal physical attributes, which includes speed, power, co-ordination, endurance, stamina and martial spirit.

FWTS | Components Of The Physical Element

Connections To The Physical Element

Just like the other martial elements, the Physical Element is fully connected via the Creative Relationships and the Control Relationships that exist within the system. Thus, the strengths & weakness within this element will colour and influence the others.

The four relationship pairs formed by these connections are:

  • Physical creates Strategic
  • Physical controls Theoretical
  • Physical is created by Practical
  • Physical is controlled by Technical

FWTS | Relationships Of The Physical Element

Follow the links on this page to go deeper into the components of the Physical Element, and discover the effects it has upon all the other martial elements.

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