More Than You First Realised

The 3rd Student Grade (abbreviated to 3SG) is the last of three grades which together make up the Foundation Stage of the FWTS Training Programme.

The purpose of the 3SG programme is to round-off the whole body of skills & knowledge within this first stage of training. Exceptions and variations are introduced in all attacks and defences, which leads to a wider range of combat options, and a greater appreciation of positioning – your own, and that of your opponent.

You’ll see how a single strategy may incorporate several different tactical options, all of them potentially correct. You’ll explore multiple answers to the same problem, and begin to appreciate that there are issues associated with choice (more on this in 4SG+). You’ll also develop your personal toolkit to a far greater degree, and start to see the level of control that you can have over your own body.

3SG is the grade at which most students start to realise there is more to Kung-Fu than they first thought. It’s a sobering, yet exciting place to be.

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3SG Syllabus

The syllabus is a summary of all topics which you’ll cover during the 3rd Student Grade training programme.

Download “3SG Syllabus”

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3SG Training Programme

The training programme expands upon each topic of the syllabus, adds detail, and provides a personal lesson plan. Your instructor will introduce and explain each part, and help you work through all the drills & exercises contained within.

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3SG Assessment

The assessment asks you to demonstrate your practical ability with the material listed in the syllabus.

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