Stay Close, Keep Moving

The 8th Student Grade (abbreviated to 8SG) is the second of three grades which together make up the Intermediate Stage of the FWTS Training Programme.

The purpose of the 8SG programme is to expand upon the close-range awareness that you were introduced to at 7SG. You’ll add more elbow techniques to your arsenal, develop your ability to generate power across closer (and longer) range, and learn how to flex & roll your entire body to create much-needed space.

As your partner learns how to penetrate your close-range defences, naturally you’ll learn how to cope with such attacks. 8SG is where you gain much greater control of your inside area via fluid movement, recovering space through rapid, economical transitions. The second of the Chum-Kiu Chi-Sao programmes is all about this!

As your defences improve, so your free-sparring exercises become that little bit faster. You’re more confident with constant movement, even at closer range, and so you let your opponent in and await the right moment to strike. Watch out for those elbows though!

At this range you’ll have the option to use the shifting & turning footwork techniques you’ve been developing since the Basic Stage – and you’ll understand when, why, and how to apply them.

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8SG Syllabus

The syllabus is a summary of all topics which you’ll cover during the 8th Student Grade training programme.

Download “8SG Syllabus”

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8SG Training Programme

The training programme expands upon each topic of the syllabus, adds detail, and provides a personal lesson plan. Your instructor will introduce and explain each part, and help you work through all the drills & exercises contained within.

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8SG Assessment

The assessment asks you to demonstrate your practical ability with the material listed in the syllabus.

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