Congratulations To Ryan & Sasha

FWTS | Congratulations To Ryan Green & Sasha Pats-Nougues

I am proud to announce that both Ryan Green and Sasha Pats-Nougues were today awarded their 1st Technician Grade in the Federation Wing Tsun System, the first milestone in the Journeyman Level of the training programme.

Sasha started learning from me in September 2008, coming from a background in Kushido Karate.

Ryan started learning from me in April 2010. He was already an experienced Wing Chun practitioner, having been an instructor for the UK Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association under Mark Phillips. He also had a background in Shotokan Karate, Wado-Ryu Karate, and Capoeira too.

Both Ryan and Sasha also studied Escrima with me too, reaching the 8th Student Grade in that discipline. They both also participated in the FWTS Instructor Training Programme, and are qualified Assistant Instructors in the system. Busy!

Huge congratulations to the both of you for many years of perseverance, effort, and excellent work. Now onto the 2TG training programme! πŸ™‚