Summer 2022 Updates

We are now half-way through 2022, and for the past six months it has been wonderful to be back training in person, in group classes and private lessons. Although online sessions and training videos certainly have their place in the educational toolkit, there is really nothing like face-to-face, contact training. It’s great to be back.

Big thanks to everyone who has attended training sessions over the past six months. Remember that next week we have a week off (please see the Term Dates page for details) so please enjoy the break and come back rested on Monday 8th August.

In other news, it has been a very long while since I used our official Twitter account – which you can find at @F_W_T_S – and so I have been uploading our post-class images there recently instead of on Instagram. If you’re on the aforementioned platform, do give us a follow.

The new T-Shirt designs are now taking shape, and I am finally finding the time to liaise with the printers to get them realised. Please accept my apologies for the delay on this – I am fully aware that many of you need new T-shirts and have been making do for far too long.

Finally, I am really hoping to offer a weekend training holiday in the UK this year too. We have all been cooped up in our houses for far too long, and it would be good to get out into nature for some open-air training as a group. Watch this space for details.

All the best, and see you in training. πŸ™‚


COVID-19 Training Updates (17/10/20 – 03/01/22)

Training Suspended Due To Tier 2 Lockdown | FWTS

Update 03/01/22

Happy New Year, and welcome back to all. I hope you had a great festive break with friends & family, and managed to stay safe throughout.

As you know, England has moved to PLAN B in response to the Omicron variant. This means wearing a face covering indoors, working from home if possible, and of course getting boosted as soon as possible.

While my group classes will resume on Thursday 6th January 2022, please ensure you bring a face covering to each session, and keep an eye on the national guidance, this website, and our WhatsApp training group for updates.

Looking forward to seeing you back in training for this new year! πŸ™‚


Update 15/07/21

Following the recent government announcements regarding the easing of restrictions, it looks like Thursday 15th July will be our last group session which requires the Rule Of Six indoors, compulsory face masks, and advance booking.

As of Monday 19th June 2021, all students may attend to any group class without the need to pre-book. I will keep the booking functionality on the website for a while, just in case things change and we need to use it again.

Regarding face coverings, I believe we should always consider the needs of the most vulnerable person in the group. So please continue to bring your face coverings along to each session. We will check the vulnerability, vaccination status and concerns of all those present, and make a decision on a session-by-session basis.

I have been double-vaccinated and get tested regularly, and I know the same is true for most of our students. However if even one person in the group remains vulnerable and/or concerned, we will all wear face coverings to help them until they get the protection they need. If you have any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you in training soon.


Update 08/05/21

Great news! It looks as though the UK remains on-track to allow the reopening of indoor training as of Monday 17th May 2021.

In expectation of this, our evening training sessions are scheduled to take place between 19:00 – 21:00 on Mondays & Thursdays each week during term-time.

The full set of social distancing guidelines from 17th May (Step 3 of the Roadmap Out Of Lockdown) are not yet published and are due to be reviewed, however students can reasonably expect the Rule Of Six to apply to indoor training – no more than six persons at one time – plus the requirements to wear a face covering and use hand sanitizer.

I have updated the relevant pages of this website regarding class times and term dates, and also reinstated our class booking system in readiness for reopening.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Update 12/04/21

Great to see many of you taking part in my free online training sessions over the past few months. It has been really good to see your faces, workout, and remember why we all enjoy our training so much. Thanks to you all.

As you are no doubt aware, on Monday 12th April 2021 the UK Government will be easing lockdown restrictions. This means that non-essential retail, personal care, hospitality, sports and leisure premises will be permitted to reopen in a limited way.

The revised guidance states:

Indoor leisure and sports facilities will be able to reopen for individual exercise, or exercise with your household or support bubble.

You can read the full revised guidance here, and also the DCMS guidance too.

For our martial arts training in Kung-Fu and Escrima, this means that although personal 1:1 training is again possible, social distancing MUST be observed between the instructor and the trainee. Effectively one person can do solo practice under the guidance of an instructor. Group classes will not be possible, and so realistically our club will only resume relatively normal activities at the next stage of the roadmap, which is due to happen on 17th May 2021.

If anyone wishes to have a 1:1 session with me to get back into their training, please get in touch in the usual ways, and I will try to arrange something mutually suitable for us.

As always, I will be watching the guidance carefully and will communicate updates through all our channels. Online sessions will continue whenever I can, so until our next meeting please stay safe, stay strong, keep moving, and look out for each other.


Update 05/01/21

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful festive season with your families and/or support bubbles, as much as we all possibly could.

As you are no doubt aware, England has been moved into a third national lockdown as of Tuesday 5th January 2021. This situation is expected to last until mid-February at the very earliest, and quite possibly beyond. All due to ever-rising levels of Coronavirus, including the new variant, which appears to be far more transmissable.

Except for very specific reasons, the current guidance is to stay at home. Please be aware that this has been put into law, and any transgression will incur fines and possible arrests too.

As before, this new lockdown is in place to protect our NHS. The service threatens to be overwhelmed with Covid cases within 21 days if no action is taken, which would be utterly dire. Huge thanks to all NHS staff and key workers who are doing their utmost to save lives and keep things moving. Thank you all.

For us, we have not been training together in person since the Tier 2 restrictions came into force. Sadly it looks like this must continue for a while longer, so I ask all students to remain patient, keep exercising at home, and participate in my FREE online classes whenever you are able.

I will communicate details of 2021 online classes via our WhatsApp group as usual. Hope to see you on the screen soon.

All the best, stay strong, and stay sane. πŸ™‚


Update 16/12/20

All London boroughs, including our own Kingston-Upon-Thames, will move into Tier 3 (Very High) Restrictions as of Wednesday 16th December 2020.

As before, you can read the full guidance here, however as our activity was not permitted under Tier 2, we will continue to suspend all in-person training under Tier 3.

This week would have been our final classes of the 2020 training year, and so I will be running our final online training session on Google Meet on Thursday 17th December. Full details on our WhatsApp group as always.

All the best, stay strong, and I look forward to seeing you online. πŸ™‚


Update 30/11/20

The UK Government has announced that all London boroughs will once again be placed into Tier 2 (High) Restrictions as of Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

You can read the full guidance here, however as before, the specific application to our group training reads as follows:

Organised indoor sport, physical activity and exercise classes will only be permitted if it is possible for people to avoid mixing with people they do not live with (or share a support bubble with). There are exceptions for indoor disability sport, sport for educational purposes and supervised sport and physical activity for under-18s, which can take place with larger groups mixing.

Sadly, none of the listed exceptions do not apply to our training (including the educational purposes one – I have carefully checked), and so reluctantly I must advise all students that our in-person classes must remain suspended for the time being.

I will continue to offer a weekly free session on Google Meet for anyone who wants to practice. I appreciate this is of limited use, however it does serve to keep the fires burning until we can train together again. As always the meeting details will be posted on our WhatsApp group before the session starts – if you need access to this, please get in touch.

All the best, keep it together, and I look forward to seeing you online. πŸ™‚


Update 03/11/20

A second national lockdown will come into effect as of midnight on 5th November 2020. As our training is already paused due to the previous Tier 2 restrictions, sadly we are still unable to meet together and train our art.

I will be running a weekly free session on Google Meet for anyone who wishes to practice. This is open to all current and previous students, and a meeting link will be posted on our WhatsApp group each week for you to join the session.

I will review the situation at the end of the national lockdown, when new restrictions are due to be announced.

All the best, stay safe, and see you online!


Original Post 16/10/20

As you are no doubt aware, the UK Government will bring all London boroughs under Tier 2 (High) lockdown restrictions as of midnight on Friday 17th October 2020.

You can read the full guidance here, however the section that will apply to our training reads as follows:

Other activities, such as indoor exercise classes and other activity groups can only continue provided that households or support bubbles do not mix. Where it is likely that groups will mix, these activities must not go ahead.

Under Tier 1 (Medium) restrictions we put measures in place which included a risk assessment of our training space, the pre-booking of classes (for Track & Trace), limiting classes to a maximum of six participants, and creating new solo progressions so students could practice alone.

We also provided hand sanitiser, required face coverings at all times, and wiped down all surfaces & equipment regularly before, during, and after training.

Sadly, under Tier 2 (High) restrictions these measures are no longer sufficient, and so once again we must pause our training as of 17th October 2020.

Could all students please be aware of the following:

  • All group classes and private tuition are suspended until further notice.
  • If you pay tuition fees via Standing Order, please cancel your instruction until further notice. (If cancelling & restarting is hassle, consider amending your payment amount to £1 instead.)
  • We will try to post some more tuition videos to our YouTube channel in the meantime, to keep you motivated.
  • Please watch this website, our WhatsApp group, and social media for more information.

A big thank-you to everyone who has trained since the end of the first lockdown. This will pass, and i’m sure we all look forward to seeing each other again very soon.

All the best, and thanks,


Coronavirus CoVid19

FWTS | Coronavirus CoVid19 Update

Update #3 – 29/07/20

I am overjoyed to announce that group classes and private lessons will be resuming from 1st September 2020. A big welcome back to all students – check out the revised term dates here.

At this time I will not be taking on any NEW students (sorry, I know many of you are waiting) as my initial focus will be on ensuring all current students get back into their training effectively. Thanks for understanding.

I have emailed all current students as to the plan for classes and private lessons, and I can’t wait to see you all again soon.


Update #2 – 21/03/20

Further to recently revised guidance from the UK Government, all training & tuition is now SUSPENDED until July 2020. At that time we will reassess the situation and make a decision on whether we can resume training.

I have been in contact with all students via email, and everyone has expressed a desire to continue training with video or streaming lessons. The syllabus and lessons are all prepared, of course, so I will just investigate the best delivery method – watch this space.

Stay safe, stay fit, and i’ll see you (virtually) very soon. πŸ™‚


Update #1 – 16/03/20

To all FWTS students, from Sifu Lee Paul Heron:

As you are aware, the Coronavirus CoVid19 is currently having a huge impact on the health and economy of the global population, including in the UK.

On 16th March 2020, guidance was issued by the UK Government regarding social distancing and gatherings, in order to protect those who are more vulnerable to the virus.

Regardless of your own health status, it is in the best interests of the population that we exercise due care and attention in ensuring the virus does not reach anyone who may be susceptible.

If You Are Unwell

If you are exhibiting the symptoms of Coronavirus, please follow official guidance and self-isolate. This means not attending classes for a period of 14 days. Please note this guidance may change as the situation develops, so do remain vigilant as to the latest advice.

If you are unsure, or worried about attending class, that’s totally fine. Please let me know you’re not attending, and I hope to see you again very soon.

If You Are OK

Because our training groups are small and stable (we have all trained together for years, and there is not a turnover of new students each week), for those who remain healthy, currently I intend to continue offering training as per the usual weekly schedule until such time as the government advises against it.

Martial arts training does inevitably involve close contact, so I suggest all students take extra care in washing hands before / during / after training, use hand sanitiser, and wipe down the equipment after use. I’ll provide extra cleaning equipment to make this work.

Please note that the above may change if I contract the virus, but at the time of writing i’m still fit & well – fingers crossed!

If you wish to contact me and let me know you’ll be attending class, that’s also fine. I look forward to seeing you in due course.

Look After Each Other

For me, a large part of the martial arts concerns personal growth, development and responsibility. Please do your best to help those around you who may be in need, and if I can be of service in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All the best, and see you in class – either now, or when things settle down again. πŸ™‚

More Information

Please visit the links below to read more about the UK Government response to Coronavirus CoVid19, the official NHS guidance, and the NHS 111 reporting service:

Beginners Kung-Fu Workshop / April 2018

FWTS | Beginners Kung-Fu Workshop 210418

On Saturday 21st April 2018, I am running another small-group workshop aimed at complete beginners in the art of Kung-Fu.

The event will take place at New Malden Studios between 12:00-14:30, and is open to a maximum of six (6) adult participants only.

The cost of the workshop is Β£20 per-person. You will participate in about 2.5hrs of training and personal tuition, starting right at the beginning of this elegant, practical, martial art system.

I started training in 1989 (aged 15), started teaching in 1999, and ever since I have enjoyed shared these arts with many thousands of students. I love small-group teaching, I love purposeful movement, and I love helping individuals develop their skill & knowledge.

If you’ve ever had the desire to learn an authentic, intelligent martial art, then come give FWTS a try. There is no obligation to continue afterwards, and I guarantee you’ll learn something useful and enjoy yourself too.

If you do wish to continue afterwards, this session will enable you to jump straight in with my usual weekly classes without feeling like a total novice. It really is a win-win situation.

Click the button below to send me an email booking, and I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Book Your Place More About Kung-Fu

Small-Group Beginners Workshop

FWTS | Beginners Kung-Fu Workshop 140118

On Sunday 14th January 2018, I am running a special small-group workshop aimed at complete beginners in the art of Kung-Fu.

The event will take place at my New Malden Studios between 11:00-14:00, and is open to a maximum of six (6) adult participants only.

The cost of the workshop is Β£20 per-person. You will receive three hours of training and personal tuition, starting right at the beginning of this elegant, practical, martial art system.

I started training in 1989 (aged 15). I started teaching in 1999, and since then I have shared these arts with thousands of students across Surrey and the South-West London region. I love small-group teaching, I love purposeful movement, and I love helping individuals develop their skill & knowledge.

If you’ve ever had the desire to learn an authentic, intelligent martial art, why not start something new for 2018 and come give this a try? There is no obligation to continue afterwards, and I guarantee you’ll learn something useful and enjoy yourself too.

Plus if you DO want to continue afterwards, this session will enable you to jump straight in with my usual weekly classes without feeling like a total novice. It really is a win-win situation.

Click the button below to send me an email booking, and I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Book Your Place More About Kung-Fu

Congratulations To Shao-Foong

FWTS | Congratulations To Shao-Foong-Chong

I am very proud to announce that Shao-Foong Chong has today been awarded his 1st Technician Grade in the Federation Wing Tsun System.

Shao started learning Kung-Fu from me in January 2007. He came to me as an experienced martial artist with a strong background in Kung-Fu, holding Brown Belt ranks in both Choy Li Fut and Wu-Shu Kwan. He also studied Escrima with me, reaching the 8th Student Grade in that discipline too.

Nine-and-a-half years is rather a long time to reach the 1TG rank in FWTS, however this is because Shao is also a qualified medical Doctor, and due to constant exams and a gruelling workload is not always able to find the time to train regularly. Despite this he always manages to book private lessons as often as he can, and attends classes, workshops and events whenever possible.

It just goes to show that if you don’t give up, you will reach your goal – even if it takes you a bit longer that you initially hoped. Well done Shao, your achievement is an inspiration to all those who feel stuck at their current grade. Keep going!

Huge congratulations to you, and now onward to the 2TG training programme of the Journeyman Level.


Congratulations To Olivia Slee!

FWTS | Congratulations To Olivia Slee!

Today I heard that Olivia Slee, my student of nearly five years, has finally been accepted onto the UK Stunt Register as a fully-qualified stunt performer. This is amazing news, and very welcome indeed.

Olivia first approached me in September 2010 to start training in Wing Chun Kung-Fu. She needed to fulfil the martial arts requirement for her chosen profession, and understood even then that a sport fighting method was not required. Instead she wanted a proper striking art that taught the use of the entire body, and the Federation Wing Tsun System certainly does that.

For nearly five years she attended two private lessons each week, and in October 2015 successfully passed her 11th Student Grade in the system, after a great deal of hard work and effort.

Then came the long process of applying for the stunt register, and on 2nd August 2016 all her sacrifices paid off, as she was awarded membership of the stunt register. This means she can now officially work as a stuntwoman in the film industry, and we can’t wait to see what her first role will be! πŸ™‚

This also means that the Federation Wing Tsun System is now an officially-recognised martial art for UK stunt performers. So, if you’re looking to become a stuntperson and you’re not sure which martial art to learn, come give us a try.

Updated Class Schedule

As of the 1st August 2016 (the start of our School Holiday Term) we will be operating a revised class schedule for all members.

Existing evening classes at 8pm on Mondays (in New Malden) and at 8pm on Wednesdays (in Kingston-Upon-Thames) will be unchanged. Those classes are working well, and will remain as they are for the foreseeable future.

However the needs of the Tuesday evening class have changed, as many senior members are finding it a difficult evening to attend. So i’ve taken the decision to cancel this class, and instead will replace it with a longer afternoon session running from 12-3pm on alternate Saturdays, starting 13th August 2016.

This new Saturday session will take place at New Malden Studios, and will be open to Instructors, Journeymen, and students working at the Advanced Stage of training (10SG and above).

The new 3-hour Saturday session is included in the existing Group Classes tuition fee structure, so no need to amend your payments. For those who cannot attend the other evening classes, you can pay a workshop fee of £25 per-session instead.

I hope this revised schedule will help everyone to get the most from their available hours. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

See you in training! πŸ™‚


Congratulations To Ryan & Sasha

FWTS | Congratulations To Ryan Green & Sasha Pats-Nougues

I am proud to announce that both Ryan Green and Sasha Pats-Nougues were today awarded their 1st Technician Grade in the Federation Wing Tsun System, the first milestone in the Journeyman Level of the training programme.

Sasha started learning from me in September 2008, coming from a background in Kushido Karate.

Ryan started learning from me in April 2010. He was already an experienced Wing Chun practitioner, having been an instructor for the UK Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association under Mark Phillips. He also had a background in Shotokan Karate, Wado-Ryu Karate, and Capoeira too.

Both Ryan and Sasha also studied Escrima with me too, reaching the 8th Student Grade in that discipline. They both also participated in the FWTS Instructor Training Programme, and are qualified Assistant Instructors in the system. Busy!

Huge congratulations to the both of you for many years of perseverance, effort, and excellent work. Now onto the 2TG training programme! πŸ™‚


Journeyman Workshop 230416

FWTS | Journeyman Workshop 230416

On Saturday 23rd April 2016, I ran another small-group Wing Chun workshop in New Malden, Surrey, this time solely for those very senior students who have completed an apprenticeship in Kung-Fu, and who are now studying the Journeyman Level of their art.

At this point I must admit to a scheduling error: Firstly, I didn’t check with everyone before putting this date in the events diary, and secondly it was St. Georges Day. So, big thanks to Joe, Ben, Sasha and Scott (pictured above with me) for managing to make it along, and big apologies to Matt, Shao, Ryan, Marcus, Gary, Andrew, Steve, and Dan for running the event when you simply couldn’t attend – my bad. It turned out to be a smaller group than expected – five instead of thirteen – but we had a great session anyway. I’ll schedule an extra one very soon, so we can all get together properly! πŸ™‚

The focus of this session was all-things Biu-Tze, the third ‘Toolkit’ of the Federation Wing Tsun System. We started with the form, then explored attacking options using these specialised tools, then explored several options to overcome such attacks. Top entertainment.

Biu-Tze techniques require a great deal more body movement and overall control than those of the other forms. It became very clear why the system is structured the way it is, and why our warm-ups are the way they are. Without the ability to precisely control your entire body, you are better off NOT using Biu-Tze tools – just change the range and keep using the tools from the Siu-Nim-Tao and the Chum-Kiu that you’re already skilled with.

A common mistake with Biu-Tze is the thinking that it is somehow better than the other forms. Nope. It just provides another range of options. Just like the classic game of rock-paper-scissors, there is never one ‘best’ option – something is only the best in context, at one particular time. It can be a humbling experience to discover that in many situations, your best option may be something far simpler than the Biu-Tze tools.

That said, the Biu-Tze tools do have an incredibly valid place and a great many wonderful uses. But unless you’re training with someone capable of creating the situations in which they are required, it can be very hard to practice their applications. Thanks to everyone who made it down to provide a few hours of high-level work. It was a great workshop, and i’ll schedule another very soon.