Version 10 Now Released!

FWTS | Version 10 Now Released

I’m overjoyed to announce that Version 10 of my Federation Wing Tsun System is now complete, and updated training programmes will be rolling out to all students over the next few weeks, free-of-charge.

This is a major update to the content of the official training programme, and offers many improvements over previous versions. It is formatted so that each student has their very own personal programme, and arranged so they are able to study it at their own pace, no matter whether they train in classes, in private lessons, or via both methods.

The programme is the distilled results of over seventeen years of professional Wing Chun teaching. It solves many problems traditionally associated with group tuition, and in conjunction with the syllabus, allows students to see at a glance the entirety of what is required for each grade.

Downloads Coming Soon

Once each grade has been properly formatted for publication (which always takes me a while, sorry about that) I will again put them up on this website for download, and add the information back into the Knowledge Base too.

This of course was the reason behind the delay in re-populating the Knowledge Base on this new website. It would have been pointless to upload everything from Version 9, only to have to delete and re-upload much of it again once this version went live. You understand, i’m sure. πŸ™‚

Collect In Class

So, please collect the latest programmes from me at your next class. You are welcome to take ALL programmes, up to and including your current grade, just so you’re aware of any changes to previous programmes. Who knows, you may even want to go back and practice?

See you in training!