Chi-Sao Workshop 270216

FWTS | Chi-Sao Workshop 270216

On Saturday 27th February 2016, I ran another small-group Kung-Fu Workshop in New Malden, Surrey.

This time the focus was on the Chi-Sao training programmes of the Federation Wing Tsun System. Chi-Sao is a series of sophisticated training exercises which develop the ability to recognise and react correctly to pressure – it’s one of the four components of my system’s Technical Element.

Over time, the continual practice of correct Chi-Sao creates excellent practical combat reactions. This process forms part of the Creation Cycle of the system, in which good technical skills have a positive effect on practical ability.

Within the technical element, if the Forms of Wing Tsun Kung-Fu can be compared to toolkits, then Chi-Sao is comparable to the instruction manuals for each of the tools and techniques.

Each of my short, concise Chi-Sao cycles delivers real-time instructions for how each technique should be used, and these cycles are then practised with a training partner, and linked together. This process develops the ability to see when and where each technique is best used, which is the essence of good fighting skills.

My continual research over the past decades has yielded well-developed, complete Chi-Sao programmes for each of the forms, which move progressively through the techniques of the Siu-Nim-Tao, the Chum-Kiu, and the Biu-Tze. Each covers different ranges, different tools, and different situations, slowly building into a complete encyclopaedia of skills covering all possibilities. It’s a lot of fun! πŸ™‚

Big thanks to those who attended and trained hard with me for the three-hour workshop. Hope to see you all on the next one in May 2016.