T-Shirt Samples Are Here

FWTS | New T-Shirt Samples

The samples of our brand-new T-Shirts have arrived, and I think they look awesome. Our new colour palette works brilliantly, and the new logos come across very well indeed.

As you can see, there is a clear progression through the different stages of training within the system, both in the fabric colours and the logo colours too.

Instead of putting the same logo on the left-chest position, I have chosen to feature the Chinese text (which says “Kung-Fu”) along with a graphical representation of the completion of each of the five martial elements.

FWTS |New T-Shirt Samples, Front
The left-chest logos of the new Federation Wing Tsun System uniform T-Shirts, showing the completion status of the Five Martial Elements.

Starting at the Apprentice Level of the training programme, students at the Foundation Stage (Grades 1-3SG) are working on their Practical Element. They have not yet completed any of their Five Martial Elements, which are illustrated by the five empty circles.

Students within the Basic Stage (Grades 4-6SG) are now working on their Strategic Element, exploring different ways of coping with combat problems. One circle is filled, representing completion of the Practical Element.

Students within the Intermediate Stage (Grades 7-9SG) are now working on their Technical Element, focusing on precision and economy in all things. Two circles are filled, representing completion of the Practical and the Strategic Element.

Students within the Advanced Stage (Grades 10-12SG) are focusing on their Physical Element, which is where we add speed & power to all movements. Three circles are filled, representing completion of the Practical, Strategic and Technical Elements.

Once past the Apprentice Level, we move into the Journeyman Level (Grades 1-4TG). This focuses on the Theoretical Element, understand WHY everything is the way it is. Four circles are complete, representing the Practical, Strategic, Technical and Physical Elements.

Once the Journeyman Level is complete, all five elements have been studied. The final Master Level of the system contains no more training programmes, but instead of being the end, is actually just the start of a lifetime of practice and refinement within the art of Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Like a Doctor graduating from years of medical school, now comes the years of practice leading towards true, complete understanding of the discipline.

Anyhow, that’s the concept behind the new uniform designs and colours. If you want one, i’ll be taking orders over the next few weeks. πŸ™‚